Green Kettles Food and Beverage established in 2020 with a simple mission: to create healthy lifestyle all over the world by our healthy tea blends. Green Kettles Food and Beverage offers variety of healthy teas which includes pure green tea, flavoured green tea, and herbal teas.  All our teas are good for healthy lifestyle. All our herbs are cut nominally so more essential characteristics of the herbs from the plant remain intact. This makes all our teas for better taste and therapeutic potentials.

In the world, peoples start their daily morning with cup of tea. Our aim is to provide a variety of tea blends with number of health benefits.

No artificial colours. No additives and No preservatives added in the any tea blend.

We have more than 10 plus herbal teas with different flavoured and 5 plus pure green tea and green tea with different flavoured to improve your wellness. All our teas are available in different packaging options (Dip tea form, loose leaf in Tin and in Zip lock bag).