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Olive Mint Herbal Tea


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Ingredients: Olive Leaf, Mint

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Olive leaf is a natural source of wellness with therapeutic properties. Olive leaf extract has double the antioxidant capacity of green tea and four times the content of Vitamin C, that’s why this tea is said to be an alternative to green tea. This tea is made from dried olive leaves. The sweet and cooling effect of mint with olive makes this blend the best alternative of caffeine-free drinks. The leaf used in making this tea is handpicked from popular farms from India and across the world and then processed and packed for you to taste and be healthy. This herbal blend has several health benefits- both physical and mental. Already, green tea has a reduced amount of caffeine when compared to coffee or black tea. However, if you want a zero caffeine solution then the option is herbal olive mint leaf infusion.

Benefits of the Olive Mint Herbal Tea

• Reduces cardiovascular risk
• Lowers blood pressure
• Anti-ageing
• Helps treats type 2 diabetes
• Supports weight loss
• Eliminates free radicals
• Boosts immunity
• Fights herpes
• Eases inflammation
• Prevents cancer

Our double chamber tea bag gives more efficient filtration from all sides is sealed to ensure you get the maximum freshness of all the spices which makes powerful bled herbal tea.

Necessary Information

Type – Herbal Tea
Taste – lighter in taste with slightly sweet and cooling
Caffeine – No

How To Use

Add 1 Tsp/2 gm to 150 ml hot water (90-95 º C) Infuse for 2-3 minutes Serve the blend and enjoy the cup of Green Kettles

Recommended dosage and instruction

Do not exceed recommended dosage. It is advised to take this herbal tea twice a day (Normally in the morning and evening)

Legal Disclaimer

Infants, pregnant, nursing women, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a doctor before taking this product.


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